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blx. Grooming: About Us

A proudly South African hair grooming brand that was founded to serve the underrepresented masses  of people with wavy kinky, curly and coily hair. These people, our people, for far too long have gone without the necessary utensils required to maintain cornrows, lay waves and edges, and spruce up their curls ...hairstyles sported by black bodies; hence the name “blx.” (pronounced blacks). Forcing all who come into contact with this movement to acknowledge the intersectional melenated majority, who are treated like a homogeneous minority, unrepresented in the isles of hair care essentials.

We subscribe to the Steve Biko notion of blackness and strive to maintain an intersectional black identity, inclusive of all black bodies regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or hair texture.

We strive towards black excellence through world class service, that is reliable, transparent, and the highest standards of quality.


Our Vision is to educate, equip and ultimately empower black bodies to care for, preserve and enhance their personal grooming experience. 


Our mission is to provide the necessary Grooming & Hair Care essentials to make self-care grooming affordable and accessible.


Our Goal is to be the ever present and unapologetic presence of Black Grooming and Hair Care in the retail market.