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W∞mxn - Sanitary Towel Initiative


As a company, we blx. Grooming acknowledge that, Knowledge Is Power, Knowledge Is Profit and with Power comes Responsibility. It is therefore in our best interest and the interests of others to use our Power in ways that will benefit, not only our customers and consumers but also benefit stakeholders – the larger society that may be affected by the operations undertaken in the Business Environment.

Acknowledging that the landscape of the future needs to be based on a strong foundation has made us realize, the power of Ubuntu – “I am who I am, through others”. We as a brand/company are focused on creating an Inclusive Business Environment that allows us to use our Power to take care of our customers & consumers, and those who do not get to enjoy all of life’s beauty due to our current socio-economic reality.

It is a great matter of importance to us to create an Inclusive Business Environment where, at its roots Gender Equality plays a big role as one of the foundational pillars. As a brand We Promise to use our Power Responsibly and acknowledge the steps we must take to help correct the wrongs of our current socio-economic reality. The reality is that, Gender Equality is a major issue that must be dealt with, not only through conversations and a change of mindset but also through Business Operations that show that Gender Equality should be a norm in all spheres of life. 


Our vision is to create an Inclusive Business Environment that stays true to our African Roots of Ubuntu and promotes Gender Equality in perpetuity.   


We as company are here to serve our customers, consumers and stakeholders in ways that will be beneficial to all. We aim to be innovative and inspiring to each individual in society. Inspiring everyone to enjoy life responsibly and help others where they can.


 1.  Support and Promote Gender Equality – W∞mxn Sanitary Towel Drive Fund

A sanitary towel drive fund that will run in perpetuity.

  • To ensure that we promote Gender Equality in perpetuity we will be linking the sale of all our Bonnets & any product that features the colour pink towards the fund. The fund will be used to obtain the necessary capital to give the underprivileged groups in our society access to a health good that should be free.


 W∞mxn Sanitary Towel Drive Fund

  • 10% of each sale price will be donated towards our sanitary towel drive fund in perpetuity. We believe by doing this we will be implicitly supporting and promoting Gender Equality, 365 days a year, 366 days on a leap year!
  • At the end of each month, funds from the Drive Fund will be transferred to the necessary parties to ensure that sanitary towels are accessible to those in need.

 Thank You

 blx. Grooming would like to thank you for your time and consideration. We hope that you enjoy our initiative and join us on this journey towards establishing the Gender Equal Society that our Global Society requires to ensure a prosperous well-being for all in the future.